Shadow was a gift for my 55th birthday. I had recently lost my poodle of 18 years. Shadow was adopted on a Friday from the Humane Society. He was in a covered, outdoor portion of the shelter where it was cold and damp. By Sunday Shadow was gravely ill and I had to take him to the Animal Emergency Room. To this day, they aren't 100% sure but they believe Shadow had the Parvo virus. At great expense and many weeks later, Shadow was finally out of the woods. Dr. Brashear at Main Street Veterinary Hospital saved his life. Now he is back at the same hospital needing this surgery. Shadow is the most human creature I've ever known. He is so in tune to my feelings and emotions. He is always quick to give me a kiss or lick my tears away when I'm sad. He is an angel sent to me from heaven and he is my whole world. I was distraught that I was unable to afford this surgery that he desperately needs and that I have to see him in pain.

Thank you so very much for your thoughts, prayers, and donations.  Shadow is home after a two hour surgery and 10 tooth extractions!!  This was taken on the way home!