My name is Kyle, I'm 24 and live alone. My friend actually got Jasmine and another gray cat named Sammy for him and his girlfriend and we were all roommates at the time. I remember the day he brought him home he told me, "This is not your cat, Kyle". I've always had dogs my entire life and had just went through losing the black lab I grew up with a few years earlier. So this little black kitty melted my heart with his green eyes and red undercoat in the sunlight. I was excited to be around this tiny little kitten.


Originally Jasmine was thought to be a she, but after a trip to the vet and a surprise during surgery, she was a boy all along. Upon returning home and recovering, he instantly became my pal. Always hanging out right next to me or on my lap. As time went on his buddy Sammy was lost to a neurological problem and our bond seemed to grow stronger. We would always play on his bungee chair and he loves to chase and be chased. Eventually I moved and I asked to take Jasmine because I was taking care of him. So from then on Jasmine and I have been best friends. He is very affectionate, I can't come in the door without him tripping me for a good petting session and he will follow me into every room. I love him like he is my child.

We have never been to the vet other than for some shots and routine check ups. So when I saw him acting funny and looking uncomfortable it made my heart sink thinking he was in pain. I rushed him to the emergency vet and they took him in. When the vet told me he had a urinary blockage and what it was going to take to save my best friends life, I was a mess. Having to tell the vet I couldn't afford the operation, I felt so guilty there was nothing I could do, I was ready to give up everything to save him. When she told me what Frankie's Friends was going to do, I was speechless. I cried everyday he was in the hospital and I went to see him as many times as I could, making sure he knew I was there for him. It also is a reminder of what it means to be a pet owner and that not being prepared for things like this can mean life or death of your best friend.

To all of the people involved in Frankie's Friends and at BluePearl in Overland Park, Kansas City, Jasmine and I can't thank you enough. What you do for people is absolutely amazing.