Six months ago Jester, a service dog, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. After six months of receiving life-saving chemotherapy, this is what Jester’s companion has to say.

Everything has been going really well. Jester went through six months of chemotherapy. During that time, he continued to work and be happy to help me and be my loving partner. He had his bad days from the medication, but he powered through them always wanting to help. We had our one month post treatment checkup yesterday and Jester checked out in complete remission. He is healthy, playing and working everyday helping me. None of this would be possible without Frankie’s Friends generosity. I will be forever grateful. Every day we get with him is a gift.

Playing with him this last weekend in the snow was so much fun. He loved every second and could not get enough of it. He never seen it so deep. None of it would have been possible without the help of Frankie’s Friends. Please tell everyone involved how incredibly grateful I am. Words cannot express my gratitude.”
Jester VIcek Photo1.jpg