Knox was treated for Parvovirus through intensive care at BluePearl in Seattle, WA from 11/23/18-12/3/18, by the critical care team. We thought you might like to see the recent updates Knox’s owner has shared with us...


“Thanks for reaching out. Knox is doing absolutely great! We are so glad to have him back in our home. Here is a little about our experience.


Around last Thanksgiving, our just over one year old golden retriever Knox had gotten sick. At first we thought it might be a small case of the flu, but after days of his condition getting worse and several vet visits, we started getting much more concerned. When we took him into the hospital for the second time, we thought we were saying goodbye.

That’s the night we found out that despite being vaccinated, our Knox had unluckily contracted parvo. It was very difficult knowing our boy was fighting for his life for 10 days in the hospital, but he ended up pulling through.

Knox is my family’s best friend. He has so many kind and gentle quarks. We have frequently said that he will probably be the best dog we ever have, and to have brought him back home is incredible. Knox would not be with us today if it were not for the support from Frankie’s Friends. We are truly thankful for the support. It meant the world to us. We are so glad to have smiling golden boy still in our lives.”

– Knox’s Family