Sadie was treated at BluePearl MN in January 2018 by Dr. Donnell Hansen for surgical teeth extractions because of her heart murmur. We thought you might like to see the recent updates Sadie’s owner has shared with us...


“I am grateful to Frankie’s Friends! Sadie is so very dear to me, my heart was aching and Frankie’s Friends helped to get her the surgery she needed. Sadie is a dog rescued from a puppy mill in Northern Minnesota. She was my companion as I traveled weekly to help with my dad when his health was failing. Sadie has been a sweet, happy and dear friend. 

My loving Sadie has done well since her surgery, she is developing cataracts, but continues to be happy and well otherwise. She was always excited about her dresses that kept the sun from being a hazard to her back. She’s been fantastic with children.


I want to share a bit of her personality. Sadie has always loved babies! I would take her to a yarn shop I used to knit at (now closed), she would fuss over the babies, giving them kisses to try to calm them when they cried. One day one of the dads stopped by to pick up his baby boy, Sadie followed right at his heels around the store. When he opened the door to leave became upset, barking, jumping and running back and forth from people to the door. Someone was stealing one of her babies! We calmed her down but she was always vigilant about the babies. Sadie has been a wonderful friend, much loved by my sisters’ children and always very sweet

Thank you Frankie’s Friends, you were a lifesaver, I cried with relief and joy that you could help us. I was working when I took Sadie in and am retired now.

Bless you!”