We can not begin to express how grateful we our for your generosity. Our seven month old puppy named Bonnie is a very important and cherished member of our family. We love her very much and were devastated when she was admitted to the emergency pet hospital in a critical condition. Prior to this Bonnie started bleeding but we could not locate the source we took her to a clinic near our home and the vet could not determine why she was bleeding but suggested to remove two baby teeth that had not fallen. After what was suppose to be a simple procedure the doctor told us the bleeding would not stop but to wait and told us to take her home if it did not stop to take her to the emergency room.

She would not stop bleeding and began fading in and out of consciousness and we rushed her to BluePearl. We prepared ourselves to surrender her because we did not have the money to pay what we knew would be a very large medical bill. We were willing to let her go if it meant she got to live and receive the care she needed. Thankfully the doctors were very kind and waived some of our bill and thanks to your generous donation we were able to take Bonnie home the next night. Thanks to you we will be able to spend the next years of her life loving and caring for her. She is currently healing from all she endured but is in good spirits.


From my family to yours, thank you very much for all you have done. 


Bonnie Herrera’s Family