Thank you, Frankie's Friends, for giving my sweet Beagle a new life! Sadie was sent to BluePearl by our doctor at Banfield in Shawnee, Kansas. She had been suffering from a very large tumor growing on her upper left side. It was the size of a football and weighed 11 pounds. Banfield suggested it be removed because they were unsure how much more her skin would withstand it before breaking. Upon speaking with Dr. Heather Millard at Blue Pearl, she advised that it could be removed, and discussed with me the procedure and what the cost would be. I explained that my husband is in a nursing home, and I was unable to pay the fee for the surgery.

I would have been forced to make a choice of paying for his care for a month, or paying for Sadie's surgery. She then offered the help of Frankie's Friends. Bless you Frankie's Friends, you are truly a gift from God! You saved my Sadie and gave her a new life. It would not have been possible without your gracious help! I also am extremely grateful for the doctors at BluePearl, they are wonderful, compassionate doctors!

Sadie’s Family