Sophie was given life saving treatment at BluePearl Emergency Vet in Overland Park, KS … This is what her family had to say…


My family cannot begin to thank you enough for what you have done for our family. There truly are no words to describe how thankful we are for what you’ve done. You not only saved our dog, you saved a huge chunk of are family, you saved our first love, our best friend, and our daughter. Our dog Sophie has been a part of our family for 12 years. She was a gift from my mother before she passed away. Sophie was the first dog I’ve ever owned. I had her long before I had my son. She is literally like my daughter, she was the first thing I ever had to take responsibility for and take care of. Sophie didn’t come from the greatest background. When my mom got her for me she was already abused in her short year of life. I took her and showed her what it was like to be truly loved by a family. I gave her everything I had an always put her before myself. I still do to this day. She is the perfect dog in every way. She was so wonderful after I had my son. She has never tried to hurt him even when he was little and didn’t know his own strength. This past year hasn’t been easy on are family by any means. Sophie began to be really adamant about being by our son. It was really unusual for her. Then about a week later our son fell sick.. really sick. About 2 weeks later we found out our little boy had cancer.. A.L.L to be exact.. 


This took a great toll on are family mentally as well as financially.. we worked really hard to move so that our son could have a home close to where he would go to chemo for the next 3 1/2 years of his life. That being said the home was not ideal since It didn’t have a fenced in yard. But we figured we could walk Sophie on a leash and that would be enough. On 2/2/19 I had gotten off of work and had went to get Sophie so I could take her outside like I always did before bed. When we got on our patio I had noticed our trash cans were knocked over which was very unusual. Sophie was right next to me and then she went down three steps ahead of me. Out of no where a big dog came running up an grabbed her. I was mortified. My heart sank in that moment. It probably was one of the most scariest moments of my life. I chased the dog away and saw how bad Sophie was. In that moment I thought I would lose her... it was so horrifying to see her like that I wrapped her in a blanket and a rush to the only 24 hour vet I knew of. But even then that was nearly 30 minutes from me.


The whole ride in the car all I was thinking was this might be the last time I hold my baby girl.. she somehow survived the ride and when we got to the vet they took her to the back right away. When they told us how much it would cost to save her we were stunned.. we knew we didn’t have $1820 to save our baby girl... especially not with all of our sons cancer expenses. I felt lost and hopeless. When the hospital representative Shannon told us that there might be a foundation that would help save are dogs life we couldn’t even believe that there was a foundation like that out there. I never heard of a foundation that helped families with financial assistance for saving their pets lives. Frankie’s Friends has truly been the biggest blessing that is ever happened to us.

We cannot thank you enough for what you have given us. Everyone who donates to this charity is truly amazing. Not only for what you’re doing for the animals but what you’re doing for their families as well. We would love to just say thank you from the bottom of our hearts! And will forever be supporters of Frankie‘s friends. Sophie is well and is starting to get back to her old self. And I’m sure she’s loving all the extra attention she’s getting. Thank you so much for saving her she is are everything ️
        Much love,
                         Sophie’s Family