Nova Sport was hospitalized for 5 days at BluePearl in Tacoma, WA for hypoglycemia and HGE in February 2019.

I bought Nova Sport around 4pm on a Saturday. He was born 1/2/19 He was tiny and as cute as a button. You see I had recently lost my mother to Lung Cancer and complications from COPD. A therapist suggested an emotional support dog. By 4am that morning Nova Sport was lifeless. Hardly breathing and low heartbeat. I was simply devastated. I rushed him to BluePearl. They were very concerned and so was I. Hours seemed like days, with not knowing what was going on with my pup. Well those days turned into weeks. On the 2nd day of his stay in the hospital one of the doctors suggested I put Nova down. Nova had low white blood cells, low blood sugar, his intestines were bloated not to mention lots of other things.

I looked at my husband and said NO.. I TRUST GOD WILL HEAL HIM!! Visiting him 2x’s a day keeping my faith. Letting him know I was fighting for him. By the 4th day my CareCreditt was at its max. I had no clue where to turn or what to do. Dr. White came to me and told me she was putting an application in for Frankie’s Friends. I was doubtful because my world was falling apart around me. And has been since October. On Nova’s 6th day they told me I could take my baby home. Let him recover for about a week and he should be good. Today 2 weeks later this pup is healthy, happy and the littlest troublemaker I have ever owned. Thank you all for your love and support. You made me the happiest person alive. May God Richly Bless you ALL.
— Nova's Pet Parent