Frankie’s Friends help King from Sneads Ferry, NC to get the surgery he needed for his knee. This is a note from his family.


I wanted to share with you that King had his 6 week check up this morning and we are happy to report that King's leg is completely healed and he now allowed to go on 15 minute walks and walk up and down the stairs without the use of the sling or having to be carried. He still needs to be in his crate when we are inside but we are allowed to increase his walking time by 5 minutes each week. In 4 weeks we will see Dr. Stoll one last time for (hopefully) total restriction clearance so King can get back to his regular energetic and playful self.

After our appointment King went on his first walk without any assistance and I have shared a picture and 2 short videos so you can see his progress. 

We want to sincerely thank you again and hope that you will share this with all of the members of your team and donors so they can see how much they helped our family and know how grateful we are.



“King is doing great! His surgery went perfectly and he is on his way to a full recovery. He had a rupture of the right cranial cruciate ligament and underwent a right stifle arthrotomy with tibial plateau leveling osteotomy and medial fascial imbrication. He is taking his medications as prescribed, confined to his crate with the exception of having to go to the bathroom and wearing an E-collar 24 hours a day. We do live on a second floor so we carry all 70 pounds of him up and down the stairs three times a day. We do let him out of the crate for hugs and scratches as long as he is laying down. Tomorrow we start some at home physical therapy exercises. On Friday, April 5th we go back to the doctor to have his stitches removed. In 6-8 weeks he will have another recheck and Dr. Stoll will perform additional radiographs and then determine when he can begin walking again. So he will remain in confinement until then. Although I know it is hard for him to be in the crate all day, he knows we are doing it because we love him and want him to heal 100%. One of King's favorite things to do outside is to lay in the sun and today when we took him outside to go to the bathroom he laid down for a few minutes to work on his tan, which you will see in one of the pictures I attached. :)

Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get King the care that he needed. I will continue to keep you updated along the road to recovery.” – King’s Family

King photo 2.jpg
King is our 2 year old blue American Staffordshire Terrier that we were asked to take into our home last winter. In the beginning, King was a little rough around the edges when we first got him, but with a lot of love, attention, exercise and training he is now able to run and play with all kinds of dogs and interact with almost everyone. We are a military family and have recently moved to North Carolina as my husband received new orders at the New River Air Station. We were fortunate enough to move into an apartment complex that has no breed restrictions and is incredibly dog oriented. This amazingly accepting atmosphere has helped King learn how to play nicely with other dogs as well as how to love and accept other people.

King means the world to us; he has given all of us new purpose in life and tremendous happiness every moment that we get to spend with him. King has provided me with great companionship, a sense of security and peace of mind while my husband was overseas. This surgery is incredibly important to us because we want King to be able to enjoy his life again pain free. King deserves the best because he has brought the best out in all of us.

We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to consider helping our family to help King walk again. Our family will be forever grateful to you.

With Love,
— King's Family
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