Frankie’s Friends helped Molly receive the care she needed when she had foreign body surgery at BluePearl in Lawrenceville, GA in January 2019. She was seen on ER by Dr. Julie Rapoport and surgery performed by Dr. Drew Nelson. This is a note from her family.

Thank you so very much to Frankie’s Friends for helping to save our sweet dog Molly’s life. She is a loving and soulful pup who loves nothing more than getting a belly rub and playing fetch. She also enjoys chewing anything in sight, which is what led to her need for surgery. She ate part of a blanket and became extremely ill. Frankie’s Friends made it possible for her to get the needed surgery and go back to feeling and acting like herself. It made us so happy to see her tail wagging again! She is precious! We are so grateful, and we look forward to one day contributing to your organization so we can help others.
— Gratefully, Molly's Family