Frankie's Friends has been helping Nina from New Haven, CT. Nina had to have several hyperbaric treatments to repair a surgical wound after severe surgical wound dehiscence. She had previously had 4 mammary masses removed. Here are some updates from her family!


Here are some photos and update of Nina’s surgical wound, which has healed so wonderfully. Nina is doing wonderfully - we went hiking twice already this weekend and she’s so happy. I can’t thank you and your agency enough for giving Nina a second chance to live and having Lola have her best friend around. I can’t thank you enough this has been truly a miracle, so thank you for you donations it means so much to us.

God Bless your heart.
— Warmly, Nina's Family
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Thank you for you kind donations toward saving Nina’s life. She has brought our family many years of love and joy and will continue to with your generous donation. She suffered early years of abuse until we rescued her and want to give her the chance to live the remaining years of her life in a loving caring home. So thank you so much. I wish we were in better position to help Nina and not ask for help, but thankfully there are good people out there to help those in need. I can’t describe the gratitude our family has for your donations and the chance to save Nina’s life. GOD BLESS and peace and love to you!
— Nina's Family