Hana was seen at BluePearl in Willowbrook, TX and treated for seizures by Dr. Lindsey Harvey. This is a note from her family.

On Saturday April 6, 2019 our new puppy Hana started having convulsions and was rushed to the BluePearl Veterinary Hospital. We were so scared and did not know what was happening and why. She was treated immediately and were told that she may have ingested a toxin that was making her seize uncontrollably. We felt so helpless and knew we may have to make some tough decisions if she didn’t get better soon. As we waited for the doctor to come in and speak with us we also had to contemplate the possibility of not being able to afford the costly vet bill that we may be faced with. Hana is apart of our family and my two children would be devastated if I had to tell them that their new 2 month old puppy had to be put to sleep. I knew we had to do whatever we could to save her. She has so much life ahead of her and money should never be the reason we cant save a life. A couple of hours later we learned that Hana would have to stay over night for observation. The doctor and staff were so determined to get us the help we needed for Hana. They told us about Frankie’s Friends and got the paperwork processed quickly that evening. We are so blessed that Frankie’s Friends we there for us when we needed it the most and was the saving grace for Hana. We may not have Hana with us today if it wasn’t for Frankie’s Friends kindness and generosity. I also want to thank everyone out there who donates to this great organization. Our pets are part of our families and they too deserve every chance at life. Hana was released that next day and was completely recovered within a week. Today she is the same happy healthy puppy she was before. Thank you Frankie’s Friends for saving our baby girl Hana. God Bless.
— Hana's Family