It was Dakota’s birthday recently, a birthday she's only able to celebrate, thanks to the generous support of Frankie's Friends donors who helped to pay for the cost of her lifesaving veterinary care.

Her family said, "Our baby girl turns 1 today! And we’re so grateful for all the love and support she had received from your donations , thoughts and prayers! And the wonderful help of BluePearl Vet who gave Dakota the best care possible!

I want to cry every time I think about it. We’re so eternally grateful.”

You can read about Dakota below.


They were only one step out of their building’s door on their usual afternoon stroll, when out of nowhere a dog jumped out of a parked car and ferociously latched onto poor little Dakota. Her dad held on to her for dear life and was eventually able to get her little body free, but unfortunately the damage had already been done. Dakota’s left side of her body had been ripped open and she’s suffering from a torn stomach, multiple severe wounds, and a punctured lung.

Dakota has been continuing the treatment for her injuries at BluePearl Veterinary Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. After surviving the first surgery, she has been going to the hospital daily for wound care and bandage changes until she was ready for the second surgery.


Dakota's family said, "Dakota’s doing great, I feel like she’s doing better than we are! She seems to have had full energy back so we have to work harder to limit her jumping/playing. She now jumps in her travel bag when it’s time to take her on the train to the vet for daily wound care and bandage changes.

We’re so grateful for all the help Frankie’s Friends has been for us! She’s thriving at home and healing so well. Monday (today) she will be getting a skin graft.

She may miss out on our annual Easter egg hunt (where I fill eggs with treats in our family’s yard) but we have a lifetime of Easter’s to spend with her, thanks to the wonderful care of Blue Pearl and your donations! :)"