Hi there! I am writing to you guys about my dog Kiara you helped get the life saving surgery she needed. She was presented on June 1 to BluePearl in Tampa for distended abdomen and increase respiratory effort. Had an echo done which confirmed a heard base mass they suspect is a chemodectoma. My options were to have a pericardial window done, keep having her chest and or heart sac tapped or having to say goodbye to her. I knew she had plenty of years left in her. During the whole month of June she constantly had to get her belly and chest tapped to remove the fluid. It was taking a toll on her and I knew she needed the surgery. I didn’t have the whole amount of surgery costs and I did everything I could. From raising money, to asking family members and even my cats have been there to donate blood to help with cost. I was still short on the funds and was running out of options. When I was told Frankie’s friends was going to help pay part of her surgery. I literally cried with joy because Kiara means the world to me. Even though she is 7 years old, I only had her for 5 years because I adopted her from a shelter when I was in tech school. She has been everywhere with me including moving, road trips, beach days and lazy days. Even though she has this cancer mass on her heart this surgery is going to give her a couple more years with me! I am so thankful for you guys and BluePearl for doing this for my girl. When I get my finances on the right track I will donate to Frankie’s friends because I want to give another family the same thing you gave me.
Thanks again!
— Kiara's Family