Zues jumped out of a UTV and received injuries requiring the the amputation of his front right leg. This is an update from his family.

It has been quite the journey for this handsome boy & our family over the last 3 weeks.... but I couldn’t be more thankful for the love & assistance you gave us! We are so grateful to have our baby back home... Its been an adjustment but the doctors at BluePearl Hospital were so right.... that dogs are just so resilient & happy to share another day, hour, minute, second with the people they love!

Zeus hasn’t skipped a beat! This whole experience has helped shape us in so many ways.... One thing for sure is it has shown us selfless love & courage....that all that truly matters is love & that being connected to a greater purpose is why we can get through the hard things... We are all part of the human family & we all have a purpose. We are all connected & to love our neighbor or help a stranger really does make a difference in their lives but in our own as well... When we love~ we make the world a little brighter❤.... and in this world we need a whole lot more of it....

That to love a pet is to make them a part of your family & to sacrifice for them... The way they love us is more perfect & more pure than the way we as people love each other... I hope to be more like Zeus & to enjoy each moment... to run in the wind just to feel it blow my hair & to cuddle up to my children just to be close... to truly enjoy the little things & to be so grateful for those that love me as well...❤

Thank you again to those at Frankie’s Friends! Your love has meant so much to us... The world today, at least our world... feels so much brighter.🌞😁🐕❤😇
— Zeus's Family