Frankie’s Friends helped Baby from Tacoma, WA after she needed surgery to repair a fractured pelvis from a hit by car accident. This is a note from her family.

Baby Clark 2.png
We are more than grateful for the support and help from Frankie’s Friends. My six year old son Kayden Clark asked if his puppy would die. He has now seen his puppy fight and recover. Now we are thankful she will be able to get the surgery she needs and get back to being her playful loving self. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, without the help we would have to lose a family member by surrendering her to the Humane Society. My children are so attached to her and she to them she waits daily for them to get home from school so she can play outside with them. We love her with all our hearts. Thank you for your kindness and dedication to helping families and pets in need.
— Baby's Family
Baby Clark.jpg