Frankie’s Friends and the JLACF fund helped Baci to get chemo treatments for Osteoscarcoma. This is a note from Baci’s family.

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Baci is an 11 year old Australian Labradoodle who was diagnosed with Canine Osteosarcoma on June 24 2019. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old. He helped me though my recovery from a serious accident in which I could not walk for 4 months. Now he needs my help. He is very healthy (other than the Osteosarcoma) and has had amputation surgery on his right front arm to remove the tumor. He is learning to walk all over again on 3 legs and struggling but does not give up. Baci is on a 12 week chemotherapy treatment plan and then he will be receiving a vaccine to save his life. He is super friendly, LOVES people, sweet, smart and strong willed. He misses his daily walks (we used to walk 3-4 miles a day) but still tries so hard and can go a short distance. When he gets tired he lets me pull him in a wagon. I am a teacher and love helping others. I just wish I could do more for Baci. He has given me such joy throughout the years and is truly my best buddy. I am so grateful for support in helping Baci to continue his life as he is not ready for it to end and either am I. Thank you sincerely with all my heart!
— Baci's Family