Sonny was treated for severe anemia in Seattle at Seattle Veterinary Specialists. This is a note from his family.

I am the owner of the best cat in the world, Sunny. He recently got a blood transfusion on Saturday, August 10th due to severe anemia. His health deteriorated incredibly fast. When I noticed that he was not feeling well and was nothing like himself I was immediately worried, and we took him to the Vet the same day. We took him to two different Vet Clinics before finally being able to get him treated at Seattle Veterinary Specialists (BluePearl).

I received Sunny for my 15th birthday in 2016 after months of bonding with our neighbors cat and a lifetime of being in love with animals. He has always been my cat, and we have an incredible bond, as well as a way of communicating that is beyond anything I could have hoped for in my pet. The possibility of not being able to pay for a procedure that would save by best boy’s life was unthinkable, and the generosity of Frankie’s Friends is unbelievable. He is now back to being his loving and loud self and loves to sleep on my pillow or legs at night. I am so grateful for the ability to still be able to come home to my amazing boy and continue to grow up with him.

Thank you so much for all that you do, and we will make sure to support Frankie’s Friends in whatever way we can.
— Forever Grateful, A Happy Boy's Momma