Maxwell was a beautiful black long-haired cat with emerald green eyes. He had a wonderful, laid-back personality, loved everyone and would roll over like a dog. Dr. Nick Berryessa had diagnosed him with IBD in July 2014. After some trials Maxi was finally regulated and back to having a good quality of life. Then in July 2015 he was diagnosed with lymphoma in his ureters and gastrointestinal tract. This diagnosis only was possible after microsurgery from Dr. Julia Duval. Thank you Dr. Julie! All through the difficulties with his IBD and cancer Colleen Ruderman - the best tech ever - was my rock. Maxi passed away all too soon on October 20th. But thanks to Dr. Berryessa, Colleen, Dr. Sepulveda, Lee, Rob, and so many of the staff at BluePearl in Atlanta Maxwell and I were inundated with care and comfort. It is heart-breaking to lose a loved member of one's family, but all the members of BluePearl Atlanta have helped me through this terrible time.