Our Umbrella Cockatoo, Sassy, which we raised from a baby 18 years ago, broke her wing and we brought her to BluePearl Veterinary Partners and Dr. Shakeri. We decided to have the operation to pin her wing. Her wing did not fuse together as was hoped. The option was for her wing to eventually be amputated. A deadly infection set in around the bone and she needed treatment to help sustain her life possibly, but would not rid her of the infection. The only way to remove the infection was to amputate her whole wing. We wanted to do what ever we could to make sure she would be around for a long time, but we didn't have the available funds, with all we had already done. So Dr. Shakeri and BluePearl stepped in with help from Frankie's Friends. We scheduled the surgery. Sassy made it through the surgery, but did not make it post op. The doctor's tried everything to save her and we appreciate everything they did. We are deeply saddened that we lost our beloved pet. We appreciate all the help we received.
Thank you again for your help.