NEW YORK – Eddie Croman, a 17-year-old Jack Russell terrier, was a regular and much-loved patient at the BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Midtown.

Eddie died four years ago, but now there’s a permanent tribute to him at the Midtown hospital.

An exam room at BluePearl has been named in Eddie’s honor, and renovated with new technology and décor. The Eddie Croman Consultation Room features a 42-inch touch screen monitor so veterinarians can show X-rays and other images to clients, explaining their diagnoses. New furniture and a paint job lend a calming, relaxed feel. A photo of Eddie also is prominently displayed.

BluePearl renamed the exam room to recognize the Croman family for its work to save pets’ lives in New York. The Cromans have made generous donations to the national charity Frankie’s Friends, which pays for life-saving or life-enhancing care for pets, for families who cannot afford the full cost of treatment.

“These contributions have made a real difference and are allowing us to provide top-notch care to needy pets in the New York area,” said Danielle Lanier Martin, executive director of Frankie’s Friends. 

Eddie was a big part of the Croman family – a plaque in the exam room describes him as “A dog that filled our hearts without trying.” Harriet and Steven Croman got Eddie before their three children were born, and they often brought him to work. Eddie came along to restaurants, hotels and just about anyplace else the Cromans happened to go. 

"He was a very important part of our lives from day one up until his last day,” Harriet Croman said. Not surprisingly, the Croman’s children Jake CromanAdam Croman and Ryan Croman grew up loving Eddie also.  In fact, Adam Croman’s bar mitzvah project was a very successful fundraiser for the Eddie Croman Fund, raising a generous amount for pets in need. It was Jake who started the fund and designed its original website."

Jake's site: JakeCroman.Co

Adam's site:

Ryan's site:

Although the Croman family’s contributions honor Eddie, their gifts also have a larger purpose – to inspire others. 

“I would like other people to maybe take the same path we’ve taken and donate for other pets in need,” Harriet Croman said.

Eddie needed some special care during his later years, such as a pacemaker he received at BluePearl. Harriet said she recognizes that not everyone can afford such treatment. She said it’s heartbreaking to realize some families care just as much for their pets, but can’t afford the needed treatment.

But with enough people making generous contributions, she said, she can imagine a time when all pets can be given the care they need.

“Sometimes a pet can be all a person has in this world,” Harriet Croman said, explaining why this cause is so important to her. “They can bring such joy.”

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